Did you know that sugar and heroin are both as addictive?

Heroin is outlawed, but sugar isn’t. And the stats are incredible when we look at sugar consumption.

“You might as well be rolling up the kids sleeves and putting in heroin, because it’s the same!” – Dr Christiane Northrup. 

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10 Ways To Help You Reduce Your Sugar Consumption

And if you want to reduce your sugar consumption, here are 10 ways which can help you do so:

  1. Don’t add it to foods.
  2. Don’t be fooled by “healthy sugar” disguises.
  3. Make a real effort to reduce or eliminate processed carbohydrates.
  4. Watch out for “fat-free” snacks.
  5. Shop for color.
  6. Become a food detective.
  7. Beware of artificial sweeteners.
  8. Do the math.
  9. Limit fruit.
  10. Eliminate fruit juice.


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The Case Against Sugar

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