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Monthly Archives: August 2016

A Woman’s Guide to Knowing When She’s Ovulating

You know all about the birds and the bees, but do you know the scientific process of getting pregnant? The most basic way of putting it is that during your menstrual cycle, your ovaries release an egg. If this egg becomes fertilized with sperm, you become pregnant.... read more

How to Transition from Birth Control to No Birth Control

In case you didn’t know, there are more reasons for taking birth control than just avoiding pregnancy. Birth control can regulate irregular periods, help balance out moods and clear up your skin. For other women, the opposite happens – their periods become spotty or... read more

Do You Know When The Best Time To Get Pregnant Is?

For some women, getting pregnant is as simple as having sex and having a baby nine months later. Some women even get pregnant the first time they have sex at all. For others, there’s a real science to having a baby. You can try and try but still get nowhere, and there... read more

Pregnancy Fatigue

If you’re feeling more tired than usual during your pregnancy, it’s not hard to figure out one of the reasons why. Your body is going into overdrive to help create another human being (or perhaps more), and that takes a lot of work (even if you aren’t physically... read more

Your Guide to Pregnancy Vitamins as an Expecting Mother

You know you need to take prenatal vitamins – that’s been hammered into you by your mother, your doctor and everyone else, but do you know why? Do you know what they really are? Before you go to the store and pick up a bottle, understand the basics of pregnancy... read more

About Audrey

I’m Audrey. I’m an entrepreneur, wife, mom to twin boys and two cats, and married to my soul-mate. I am the founder of Lotus Power Health and one of Europe’s Leading Women’s Health & Nutrition Experts. I believe that our genetic destiny isn’t fixed, and it can be edited, rewritten, changed. I am committed to finding the best tools to help you thrive, so that we can all lead a life that is more fulfilling and impactful, knowing that our health is there to support us. Epigenetics. Bio-individuality. Intolerances. Toxicity. Nutritional deficiencies. Gut health. And last but not least: hormones.

Obsessed with: health-hormones-DNA, books, cats, American TV series, entrepreneurship & innovation, and essential oils.

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