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Monthly Archives: August 2016

Pregnancy Nutrition 101

Nutrition is something you should always consider to be important, but this need becomes even greater when you start considering bringing a life into this world. If you were already on a very healthy diet when you got pregnant, your baby got off to a great start.... read more

Your Liver & Fertility: Loving Your Liver is Loving Yourself

You know you’re supposed to take care of your brain, your heart, your lungs, and your stomach. It’s been hammered into us that we need to take care of our overall well-being – but how many times have you been told to take care of your liver? The liver’s claim to fame... read more

Why You Should Care about Endocrine Disruptors When Trying to Conceive

Do you remember learning about the endocrine system in your high school biology class? If not, here’s a refresher: your endocrine system is a collection of glands that exist to produce hormones. These hormones regulate a lot of different aspects of your body, and the... read more

A Woman’s Guide to Demystifying PMS Cravings

Have you ever been on your period, or you know your period will be coming soon, and suddenly you’re hit with the urge to eat something salty? Ice cream? Chinese food? No matter what your indulgence of choice is, some women find that when they’re likely to be PMSing,... read more

About Audrey

I’m Audrey. I’m an entrepreneur, wife, mom to twin boys and two cats, and married to my soul-mate. I am the founder of Lotus Power Health and one of Europe’s Leading Women’s Health & Nutrition Experts. I believe that our genetic destiny isn’t fixed, and it can be edited, rewritten, changed. I am committed to finding the best tools to help you thrive, so that we can all lead a life that is more fulfilling and impactful, knowing that our health is there to support us. Epigenetics. Bio-individuality. Intolerances. Toxicity. Nutritional deficiencies. Gut health. And last but not least: hormones.

Obsessed with: health-hormones-DNA, books, cats, American TV series, entrepreneurship & innovation, and essential oils.

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