What does it mean for you to thrive?

If we were to go with a standard definition, we could say that it means to grow, flourish, prosper.

Like with anything that I do with my work at Lotus Power Health, this is my goal. To help *you* grow, flourish and prosper with your health, wellness, and life.

Do these terms resonate with you like they do with me? Do they encourage and inspire health and wellness for you too?

In terms of wellness then, to thrive means that we are constantly encouraging wellness within ourselves, within our bodies and of course, within our minds. Because everything is connected. If we’re not feeling well physically, we are not feeling at our best emotionally. Vice versa, if we are not feeling well emotionally, how can we feel well physically?

This leads us to an awareness of an all-pervading sense of wellness within our spirits. To thrive is something beautiful and it is something that each of us can aspire and learn how to do.


How Can We Thrive?

We thrive, quite simply by allowing ourselves to and by encouraging ourselves to do so. For some, this is easier said than done. There are many people who have tried to thrive, but who have faced too much difficulty, they eventually give up because they think their life is just not cut out for it.

No matter how hard they try, something always gets in the way or pushes them back in the wrong direction. There are some things that we must understand about thriving, about constantly evolving, growing, and moving forward.

If that’s you, I get that. I’ve been there a few times. With my diagnosis of endometriosis and infertility, my difficult pregnancy, and then the removal of my gallbladder. We all have a journey that’s more or less frustrating, what matters is how we bring more of these habits and routines that can make us feel better, and thrive. Whatever thriving means for us. Remember, it’s about growing, flourishing, prospering.


Knowing How To Thrive

To know how to thrive we must fully understand the process. Thriving, though its own definition is a process: growing, prospering and flourishing. Through and of itself it is not always a case of thriving.

Sounds contradictory, doesn’t it?

Let me explain. 😄

The tree that thrives in nature faces many obstacles. It faces potential destruction in its early stages by animals walking by that could possibly crush it underfoot. It has to compete with all the other trees and plants in the forest to get the sunlight it needs and even when it has fully matured still it must face gales and storms and through all of this, it must continue to strive towards thriving.

It can be seen then that thriving is not actually something that is achieved; rather it is something that one must aspire towards and do that we must accept that we will face challenges.

Indeed in order to thrive, it is essential that we face challenges and it is also essential that we overcome those challenges or at least have a mindset that will strive to overcome them.

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5 Natural Ways To Thrive

#1. Motivate Yourself

Without motivation, it is impossible to thrive. Motivation is inspired through passion, whether that is related to doing something for yourself or for others, maybe your passion relates to providing a future for your children. It doesn’t matter what motivates you, use your motivation to thrive. Use it to grow, and to push you to the next level.


#2. Accept all challenges

When you are challenged, you are forced to thrive. This doesn’t mean that when somebody challenges you to a game of pool for example, and you win the match easily, that you are thriving.

No, a true challenge is something you find difficult, something that you cannot easily achieve, something that requires that you grow, or learn a new skill, or visit a new environment or face a fear, to achieve. This is true thriving, pushing your boundaries, expanding your limits, forcing yourself to thrive.


#3. Face your fears

Fears, in every case are designed to limit us. By facing our fears, we are pushing ourselves into an area of life that we have been too afraid to visit. To truly thrive we must want to be able to do anything and we must be able to do everything without limitation. In order to do this we must allow the formation of mental barriers to what life presents us with.

Everything that comes our way can be used as an opportunity to thrive and by facing our fears, we will make the most of every opportunity that does.


#4. Balance

Balance your life from the perspective of ‘Body & Mind’. In order to truly thrive we must develop a way of life that promotes balance. If we cannot promote physical wellness then our mental wellness will struggle and the same goes in reverse. By developing balance physically and mentally, we allow our spirits to thrive.


#5. Develop harmony

Harmony is something that is very important when it comes to thriving. Without harmony, we face too much opposition in the world, and this opposition leads to restriction of our ability to express ourselves.

If we cannot express ourselves freely, we cannot thrive. Learn to accept what happens around you and even within you, be selfless if it encourages harmony and not only will you thrive, but you will see that everyone else that you interact with will also, in their own way, will thrive.

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