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While detoxing is mostly an internal process, you can see some pretty obvious benefits from detoxification manifesting externally. If you often find yourself picking at pimples or trying your best to scrub out blackheads, scowling at wrinkles or rubbing on moisturizing cream, detoxing may be a solution to your skin problems.

Detoxing isn’t just about dieting – it can be a part of your daily beauty regimen.


1. Detoxing Clears Skin

While this has been debated for some time, the verdict is finally in – toxins that you ingest through your body, either environmentally or through what you eat, can affect your skin. Detoxification is designed to clear out these toxins, thus helping clear up your skin.

You may not know it, but you skin is actually your largest organ. Much like detoxing helps to flush out other organs in your body, your skin also benefits from a good cleanse.


2. Detoxing Clears Your Mind

Are you having any problems with your memory? Are you experiencing brain fog? Do you sometimes totally forget why you’re doing somethings right while you’re in the middle of it? While we all fall victim to “brain fog,” those who don’t regularly detox find that they’re victim from it more than others. It’s important to clear your mind regularly, and detoxification can be what helps you make that happen.


3. Detoxing is part of a Weight Loss Solution

Many of you find that you’re struggling with losing a few extra kilos – or perhaps you’re looking to lose quite a few. Either way, detoxification can help you cut down on the foods that are affecting your weight loss success.

Most foods that contribute to love handles are fatty, sugary and just plain bad for you. These foods contain preservatives and ingredients that you need to get rid of through detoxing. Starting a cleanse can help you cut out these problem foods, help you lose weight and maintain your figure.


4. Goodbye Premature Aging

As you get older, aging is something that happens naturally. Ingesting too many toxins, however, can lead to premature aging. You aren’t supposed to have laugh lines and crow’s feet in your early thirties – so let’s prevent that with detoxification!

Detoxing helps your body reset itself. When your body resets, it absorbs antioxidants and vitamins correctly, and these help delay obvious signs of aging, like wrinkles.


5. Detoxing Boosts Energy

Think about the phrase “you are what you eat.” Now imagine two foods: a celery stick and a doughnut. If you are what you eat, what are you if you eat processed foods like a donut? What are you if you eat foods like celery and kale?

If you imagined a lithe person running or working out when you imagined celery, you’re on the right track. Eating foods that help your body detox will start bringing your energy back bit by bit. Processed foods add fat and absorb all of this energy, but detoxification helps you fill up your energy reserves.

In general, detoxification is a way to bring balance to your overall health. Not only will your organ systems and hormones be affected positively by detoxification, your outward body and mind will also benefit.

Do you need more support?

Part of my Radical Wellness mission is to help you interpret what your body’s telling you. When you tune in and listen, you fast track your ability to create, enjoy, and maintain Radical Wellness! If you’d like help on your journey, check out my seasonal detox program here.

I know investing in your health may feel like a luxury. But Radical Wellness is actually the ultimate necessity. Without your body, you can’t enjoy the amazing life you have. So what are you waiting for?


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