When your body contains toxins, it’s immediately harder become healthy. It’s not commonly discussed, but one big reason your previous diets may have failed is because you weren’t cleansing your body of toxins in the process. Between malnutrition, stress and toxins, it’s almost impossible to lose weight without cleansing your body of harmful substances.

Still, detoxifying your body isn’t something you just drop everything for and commit to on the spot. It takes effort and understanding, and this is especially true when it comes to avoiding pitfalls you may fall victim to during your vulnerable, early days of detoxification methods.


1. You want to quit quickly because it doesn’t work immediately.

This is common when someone has too large a toxicity load they’ve carried around for a long time.

It’s especially common in countries with low or non-existent pollution control.

In general, toxins are hard to release from your body all at once, and when someone begins to detox and release these toxins from their body, their liver gets clogged with them.

The solution to this is eating natural foods, slowly weaning yourself onto proven and recommended supplements, and/or adding specific essential oils to your detox that will boost its benefits.

Taking too much at once is always counterproductive.


2. You don’t focus on gut health.

Without a healthy gut, detoxification is almost impossible. The toxins inside of your body have to leave your body in some way, and constipation is the antithesis of this process. Constipation means that your gut isn’t healthy, and this leaves time for your toxins to break free in your large intestine and recirculate in your body. This can be solved by fiber protocols and taking probiotics.

Not only will that help you to remove toxins from your body, but it will also help boost your immune system and boost your beauty quotient!


3. You don’t like how you bloat.

Bloating isn’t actually a common side effect of detoxing; instead it’s something that occurs when you’re food intolerant. Your body is incapable of processing a certain food, and the solution is to find that specific food and eliminate it from your diet.


4. You constantly crave harmful food.

This can be a mind over matter issue and speaks to your ability to commit and stand strong.

But it can also be made easier when you know which foods and other protocols help you curb cravings, and when to start your detox.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to let go of sugary sweets, sodas and other toxic foods you might be used to ingesting, and addicted to.


5. You have low Vitamin D levels.

Vitamin D is something that is required within your body in order for it to properly function. Every cell in your body has a Vitamin D receptor. This is a vitamin necessary for detoxification, and a lack of it without your body can completely sabotage your chances for success.


6. You don’t have adequate magnesium levels.

When you don’t have the proper levels of magnesium levels, your body can’t adequately remove toxins. This powerful nutrient also removes chemical estrogens from the body; a cancer causing agent. Magnesium has also been known to help reduce cortisol, your not so friendly stress hormone.

This makes it a three-punch powerhouse for detoxification, to help you make the most of it!

Detoxification is a process, and these pitfalls are easily avoidable – all you need to do is be aware of them and find ways around them.

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