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a.k.a. My Review of Spiralps Detox + Spiralps Vitality Programs


When I was contacted by the team of, I was really excited by the idea of trying out their detox drink!

First, I had been looking for a light detox that would help me boost my hormonal rebalancing protocol, AND I had also been looking for something to help me raise my iron levels. And this drink offered to help me with both! 🙂

At the same time, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I had tried dried spirulina in the past, and the taste was so unpleasant that I had stopped after a few days! I had not felt any of the great effects of spirulina then too, so thought I wasn’t missing out much.

In any case, I accepted the offer and received my guide and bottles a few days later!

I was surprised to find a guide together with my bottles, but when I started reading, I found it made perfect sense!

You find many products out there which sell you a result without telling you how to use it, and what else needs to change for you to obtain the results you want. We are all running after a “magic pill”, and this guide was not it!

It dug into the precepts of a good detox: which foods to remove day by day, what to eat instead. Here I want to say that I agree with most of what is written in the booklet, but the part on soy. Being estrogenic and under a lot of controversy, I usually recommend my clients to eat none of it, or very little.

All in all, going through the guide I thought to myself that this little booklet was summarizing very well the precepts that many experts agree on, including Dr. Sara Gottfried in her book ‘The Detox Reset Diet’.


That was a great start!


[et_bloom_inline optin_id=optin_3]


I went through all the different advice for the prep phase and told myself I had not much changes to make, since a hormones friendly diet already follows these rules.

By that point, I was really looking forward to starting on the detox, though I wondered, since I was already following the detox prep phase rules, if there was going to be any effect at all on me.

Usually, removing the foods which affect your hormonal balance will help you lose weight, so I was curious to find out how the detox drinks would affect me.

I started the next day with my warm lemon water and the spirulina peach drink 200ml x 2, for a total of 6 grams of fresh spirulina per day, for the first 3 days.

The taste of the spirulina + peach was really nice, so nice that I actually wondered why the spirulina I had tried before tasted so awful?

I actually got my answer a few weeks later, when having a discussion with Yannick Lesbros, one of the founders of Spiralps, and passionate about the benefits of spirulina for health! It seems that the process of drying the spirulina will affect the quality of the spirulina, and that the taste will be affected. The stronger the taste, the worst the quality of the spirulina.

In any case, I followed along following the indications, drinking my daily spirulina, and moving on day for to 38 grams of fresh spirulina day.


I was not feeling much effect.

No detox symptoms (such as nausea, headaches, acne).

No change in how I felt, energy wise or else.

That is, until day 6!


Suddenly I felt much more awake. My body was waking up, and my brain too. I felt more focused and ready to tackle anything!


Since I have been working on boosting my energy levels for the past few months, it was incredible for me that this little 500 ml drink could do that in just a few days!


Spiralps Detox Equation

I was feeling the best I felt in a long time!

I finished my detox program, and thought this simply had been an amazing experience!

Then I moved onto the vitality program in order to get further benefits from the spirulina.

For me, the spirulina content wasn’t high enough. I started to feel tired again, and so I added some dried spirulina which I had from the year before, to my daily spirulina vitality dose, in order to see if the tiredness was due to the phase I was in, or to reduced spirulina content.

I started to feel super energetic again.


Conclusion: the higher energy levels was due to higher spirulina content!


When I reached the end of the program, I was so enthusiastic about the Spiralps detox drinks that I purchased a few more bottles and, a few weeks later, a few more again.


It has now become my daily booster drink, for energy, focus and brain power.


7 days for me were not enough to benefit from this drink, though I understand that some people might be more reactive than me to the powers of spirulina and get effects already with 3 grams a day.


My results drinking the Spiralp Detox

I have now been drinking the Spiralps detox drinks for over a month, and this is what I can report:

  1. More energy;
  2. More intellectual focus;
  3. Better estrogen detoxification (being a hormones expert, I know how each hormone affect me, and I can say that the Spiralps detox drinks have definitely helped me with estrogen detoxification, which means my skin texture improved too!);
  4. Better sleep;
  5. Reduced wrinkles (I’m only 35 but I have a few wrinkled on the forehead and, adding the detox drinks to my “nutrition for beauty” nutrition routine, helped reduced them further);
  6. Reduced hunger, and as a result:
  7. Weight loss. Since I started with the detox, I have lost 2 kg without changing anything BUT adding the Spiralps detox to my daily morning routine. That’s a pretty cool side effect!! 😉


If you want another lady’s opinion on the Spiralps drinks, check out this review by Wholesome Stef! 🙂


About Spiralps

Spiralps is the first and only drink that contains fresh spirulina. It is 100% natural, without conservants, certified bio and Swiss made (Vétroz – Valais). Spiralps is also the first Swiss drink to be made through cold pasteurization to preserve the quality of the ingredients.


Look for them on Twitter and Facebook using these hashtags: #MySpiralpsDetox #SpiralpsDrinks #FeelingGoodWithSpiralps

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