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Probably because of my personality, I like when things are organised. The same is valid for books, I enjoy a book much more when I see the chapters are organised in a logical fashion and when there are actionable steps to improve your life.

Dr. Mark Hyman published such book, and shared the main ideas of his program through his blog. I am not talking about his latest book, but about one he published a few years ago, ‘The Ultramind Solution’.

He mentions there 7 steps for us to heal our mind, and through our minds our bodies. Those steps are:

  • Step 1 – Optimize nutrition
  • Step 2 – Balance your hormones (which seems to be a big topic this year with such books as ‘The Hormone Cure’ from Dr. Sara Gottfried, or ‘WomanCode’ from Alisa Vitti)
  • Step 3 – Cool off inflammation
  • Step 4 – Fix your digestion
  • Step 5 – Enhance detoxification
  • Step 6 – Boost energy metabolism
  • Step 7 – Calm your mind