January is for me a month of celebration!


It starts with the beginning of a New (exciting) Year, and my best wishes to you and your families for a very happy, healthy, joyful and successful 2016!! 🙂


Then comes my birthday – and because I have determined that I want to enjoy it fully, I decided to place the whole month under a celebration mood! 🙂


I want to celebrate my tribe.

I want to celebrate my family.

I want to celebrate my friends.

I want to celebrate my life.

And everything else that usually we take for granted, and should celebrate more often. That’s what the posts on the LPH Facebook page are about. Check them out and leave a comment; I’d love to connect with you there, if we haven’t already! =)


I have to confess that despite my amazing planners, I haven’t really strategized what I want to make happen this year.

I have created a vision board on Pinterest to get started.

I have decided what I want my core desired feelings to be for 2016. (Thank You Danielle Laporte and your amazing planners!)

And because celebration is the first thing on my list, I want to celebrate everything that will happen throughout the year!

For January 2016, I want to celebrate:

  1. Launching my first live call on managing pain through emotions for women with endometriosis;
  2. Submitting articles for guest blogging on other platforms I love;
  3. Preparing to launch my online endometriosis start up course;
  4. Launching my new endometriosis sessions;
  5. Preparing for a workshop in front of an amazing group of over 50 women;
  6. Meeting up and strategising for the year with my entrepreneur friends in Zürich;
  7. Meeting up and strategising for the year with my colleagues Lucia and Kike from TheFlow-app.com;
  8. Planning for down times and holidays;
  9. And, last but not least, my birthday! 🙂


How about you; have you thought already about what you want to prioritise this year? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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