My skin care routine has changed tremendously since I discovered I had endometriosis. Discovering that some chemicals in the beauty products I was using could worsen my condition has made me become very careful with what I put on my skin, and also more aware of how products we use on a daily basis without thinking further can damage our health.

The main idea is:

Whatever I put on my skin needs to be good enough to be eaten, otherwise I should not use it!

My daily face care routine has become something along these lines:


1) Face cleanser & make-up remover: castor oil & olive oil mix

I cleanse my face using a mix of castor oil and olive oil. You might find it strange that I use oil to cleanse, but oil attracts oil, hence is a great face purifier. It also doesn’t damage the structure of the cells, and leaves your face feeling hydrated and cleaner.

The greasier the skin, the more castor oil you should put in. For me, I find that 1/3 castor oil and 2/3 coconut oil is what works best.

It’s great to cleanse and also as a make-up remover. I love to add lavender essential oil in my mix (5-10 drops in 250ml of oil) so that it smells nice and hide the bad smell of the castor oil.

You can then remove the oil either with a warm cloth, or with the below liquid soap. I personally find the latest option easier and quicker. I use Abra Therapeutics, Detox Complexion Wash, Grapefruit & Lavendar.

As a skin care product depending how your skin feels:


2) Hydrating face mask

I use a mix of honey and coconut oil as a mask after you washed your face. You can use this mask in the morning if you have time, otherwise in the evening. For best results, you should leave it on for 15-30 min.


3) Peeling & hydrating mask

I use the same recipe than for the hydrating mask, and add some oat flakes to this mix, or some sugar.


4) Lemon face tonic, for every day use

This face tonic is great, unless you are planning to go into the sun. It is also very easy to prepare: lemon with water. For best results, you should also add this drink to your morning routine: 1st thing after you get up, you will want to drink warm water with lemon. This helps start up your liver and metabolism, and is great to alkalinize your body first thing in the morning.

Otherwise, I discovered this products which I also love: Morningstar Minerals, Derma Boost, Rejuvenating Spray.


5) Hydrating treatment, to use instead of your daily cream

As a hydrating treatment, I have a few suggestions, depending on how dry your skin is.

  • Coconut oil, if your skin is very dry, or as an antiseptic treatment in the evening. I personally love to use coconut oil on my face in the evening, and in my shower or my bath, to leave a silky finish to my skin since it is always very dry in winter. If you don’t like the smell of coconut oil, you can always add a few drops of an essential oil you enjoy to the mix and store it in a glass container for later use.
  • Argan oil for normal to dry skin.
  • Jojoba oil for greasy skin.

My favorite brands include: Acure Organics, Badger, Now Foods.


6) Body and hair wash + conditioner

I have fallen deeply in love with this brand. Because of stress, I find myself having some scalp trouble (dandruff/psoriasis) and this brand has saved my life. First, this is the only brand that leaves my skin feeling hydrated rather than stripped off from all moisture. Then, it smells divine. So give it a try.

Even my dear husband adopted this! 🙂

Find here the complete listing of the Seaweed Bath Co. Products and Acure Organics. I personally love and use many of the products from both brands for body, hair and skin care.


7) Hormones-friendly cosmetics

I would not go as far as calling it the best brand on the market, as the composition could still get improved, but to get a lasting effect that does not run with heat, yet is made mostly of natural ingredients, this is the best mascara I have found to date: Pacifica Perfumes Inc. Mascara. My mom tried it over a fully natural mascara I had suggested she tried (that I too was using), and she loved it. She had gone back to using her Clinic mascara, so that is still a great improvement!

I love this brand and that is my compromise for beauty, and nature. I am also using their lipsticks and lipglosses, and their perfumes (the liquid ones). Here’s Pacifica’s page for you to check out.

Perfumes are actually the biggest endocrine disruptors (i.e. really bad for your hormones). So moving onto a more nature based perfume will save your health and your life.


8) Hormones-friendly hair coloring

I am really not a fan of my natural hair color, and have gotten used to coloring my hair since I was in my twenties. I never knew how bad it was for me, until I started investigating. Even then, I found it difficult to let my hair go back to its normal color. And I have to confess that I still can’t do that!

But, I am happy to announce that I have found a product almost all natural, that covers grey hair (!!!), that I find amazing. It is henna based. It is very easy to apply, and compared with other henna based products on the market, it is much more customer friendly. 🙂

Here it is: Surya Brasil. I personally use the black and dark brown shades, and find them really great.


9) Beauty boost

As a daily ritual, because they support healthy hormonal balance, better mood, better brain functions and also beauty, I love to supplement with Omega 3s (EHA + DHA) capsules. My recommendation: 1-3 g a day. And here is the brand I am using: Nordic Naturals, Complete Omegas.


Since I live in Switzerland, and I don’t find everything I need here, I order online through If you don’t know this website yet, I highly recommend you discover it. And if you place a first time order, please use discount code SCB965 on your first order. By using it, you will save USD 5-10. This is an affiliate link, so I might get a % of your order.

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