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Eat beets – baked, boiled, steamed or raw.

Beets are believed to be an excellent liver tonic and blood purifier. They get their color from a compound called betacyanin, which Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D., mentions as a potent cancer fighter.

Beets are also great to “tonify the yin” (Paul Pitchford, ‘Healing with whole foods: Asian traditions and modern nutrition’). Women can benefit from eating them as they replenish iron lost in the blood during the menstrual cycle.

They also are a good source of:
* betaine and folate – which reduce the risks of heart disease, stroke, dementia, and peripheral vascular disease
* potassium

Fun note: if you’re juicing them, don’t forget the leaves. Those are packed with calcium, iron, vitamin A and vitamin C.