Benefits Of Eating Local And Seasonal Produce In Summer

Summer is here, which means that we have new fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs available for us to eat and use. Aiming for the rainbow has never been easier. 😉

Summer is the season of abundance and the time to make fresh and simple meals to stay cool and hydrated. It is by far the most natural time of year to support our local economy by buying and eating seasonal fruits and vegetables locally. My kids and I love to take a walk to our local farm to buy fresh produce. Though I think what they enjoy most of the ability to eat a baby carrot when we’re there, as well as jumping on their big trampoline. 🤣

If you ever wanted to hop on the trend of eating locally and in season, then summertime is the perfect time to do it. Farms — and farmers markets — have an abundance of produce provided by local farmers. The delights to choose from during the summer are practically never-ending. From tomatoes to strawberries and summer squash to blueberries, it’s all colourful and delicious.

The following are a few more of my favourite fruits and vegetables to look out for this season:


Carrots are high in fibre, vitamin A, and beta-carotene, which helps support eye health and regulates blood sugar. To get the most nutrients from this vegetable simply eat it raw. Orange isn’t the only colour to look out for there are also purple, red, and yellow carrots.


About the only time of year you will spot peaches is in the summer and farmers markets will be loaded. It is because they are hard to transport due to their delicate nature. Another benefit of buying peaches locally is fewer pesticides which means a sweeter


Cucumbers add lots of hydration and a nice crunch to your salads. Due to their high-water content cucumbers are perfect for combatting the hot summer weather and provide nourishment to your skin.


Okra is a good source of antioxidants and high in fibre to help keep you regular. This versatile vegetable can be baked, roasted or used in salads and soups—Cook the whole pod to avoid the natural slimy texture.

The best part about eating seasonal and local produce is that it’s incredibly affordable and provides the best nutrients and flavour. Local produce offers the highest vitamins and nutrients because they require little transportation compared to produce at grocery stores. Farmers markets also have more variety and abundance compared to grocery stores which help eliminate costs.

With the large variety of fruits and vegetables in season during summer, your menu options will never end, and you will stay satisfied. It is also a great way to stay healthy and lose a few pounds if you need too. Use the fruits and vegetables this season to make smoothies, salads, juices and even cold soups.

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And then, look at…

Summer Herbs You Can Use For Great Health And Flavour

Herbs are a way to give every meal its unique fingerprint. A knowledgeable cook who builds recipes has a talent for uniting these flavours to create works of art specifically for the taste buds, but what about those who are just beginning to learn? Crafting a great flavour demands time and practice. To get started, you need an understanding of some of the herbs and how they are used. It will give some significant insights on where they will be the most beneficial for both flavour and health. 



This herb might not be at the top of your list when you are thinking about cooking, but you will be surprised to know that dill is often a spice used to bring boldness to a dish. Dill seed is similar to its cousin caraway but with a slightly stronger presentation. Dill is excellent for sauces and fatty meats. Dill is also great for the stomach. Boiled water can quickly become a stomach-soothing tea that will help you be able to relax and focus.



Basil is one of the most popular herbs in the world. It makes for great pairings with both sweet and salty foods and dishes of all kinds. Italian foods have always showcased this herb, but many other cultures have made excellent use of the herb. Some Asian dishes use it to bring a new dimension to many of the spicy dishes.  Basil has been used medicinally and as an anti-inflammatory compound for hundreds of years. These properties make it an excellent herb for respiratory aid. Additionally, basil can be applied in the form of a poultice to bring down inflammation at the site of a wound.



There are many types of mints. For the most part, people tend to go with spearmint. You might prefer a different taste in your mint. It can take some experimentation. However, it’s worth it to have a good understanding of the differences. Mint is excellent for making cocktails, and for your infused water recipes. It also makes a great addition to tea and other hot drinks. Mint is another herb with a lot of properties that help your stomach. Part of this is due to its ability to stimulate bile production. It is also associated with a calming effect.

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Now that you’ve seen the fruits, vegetables and herbs you can use, how about we look at making…

Infused Water With Your Summer Superfoods

Have you ever tried to make an infused water? Tons of people forget that fruits and vegetables are some of the most versatile foods around and that they can sometimes pass their amazing properties to other mediums. This is especially true of infused water. Infused water is easy to make, the only thing it takes is a food that has a desirable property that can be passed to the water, and you have a great refreshing and healthy drink that you can enjoy. This article will share a few ideas you can try.


Lemon Mint Water

Here’s an exciting and ultra-refreshing infused water for you. Lemon mint water combines two great aids that can improve your looks while helping you to feel great. Lemons promote digestion and gastric action. They’re excellent at preventing kidney stones as well, and it would be irresponsible to forget that they help clear up your skin. Mint is also an excellent herb for digestion, so having it with lemon should make a lot of sense. All you have to do is place some lemon slices in a gallon of water with some mint sprigs and let them sit overnight. The next day you will have excellent infused water that can help you lose weight and stay hydrated!


Blueberry Orange Water

If you’re looking for something a little bit different, you can try making blueberry orange infused water. These two flavours meet wonderfully, and these fruit in combination are great for the elimination of free radicals. Take an orange and remove the peel. Carefully cut the orange into slices and place them into a large mason jar. Then add ½ cup of blueberries. Cover the water and put it into the refrigerator overnight. The next day you can try some of your delicious water.


Straw-melon Cucumber

Watermelon pieces are an essential part of summer, so it’s a cool idea to make sure that you find a way to get it into your water. It’s also highly beneficial for circulation. Strawberries like all berries are antioxidant-rich, and they have a great taste. To make this infused water, you simply get some freshly cut watermelon cubes and place about 80 grams into a large jar. Take a ½ cup of halved strawberries and dump them into the jar. Let it sit overnight in the fridge so that it’s nicely chilled for the next day.

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Healthy Summer Recipes: Grilling with Fruit and Veggies

Have you been looking for a grill day that doesn’t have to have meat? You might be looking for a fruit veggie barbeque. Grilled fruits and vegetables can make for an excellent and healthy meal. Cooking them over actual fire can bring out a bouquet of smells and an assortment of flavours that will dance across your taste buds, but you’re probably curious to know which can go well together. 


Grilled Veggie Medley

This is a relatively simple and easy recipe to make. All you have to do is laying out onions, yellow bell peppers, tomato slices, and zucchini slices on a sheet of foil. You can drizzle them with your favourite olive oil and season with sea salt, and ground black pepper to taste. Once the grill is appropriately hot, place the foil with the veggies on the grill. Let it cook for at least 15 minutes. Once the vegetables have slightly blacked edges, you can remove them from the grill to cool down. Now you’re ready to serve up some great healthy food!


Grilled Mushroom Bites

Mushrooms can be amazing. They are incredibly nutrient-dense, and they contain massive doses of selenium, potassium, copper, and protein. Here’s an easy way to make them an excellent snack or side dish. Heat the grill to at least 325 degrees. Oil the foil in the grill with a small amount of olive oil or butter. Rub 15 mushrooms with olive oil and fresh garlic, then place the mushrooms on the foil in the grill. Make a mixture using a half cup of parmesan cheese, two teaspoons of basil flakes, one teaspoon of pepper, and one teaspoon of sea salt. After 10 minutes, sprinkle a liberal amount of the parmesan mixture over the mushrooms and continue cooking them for another 5 minutes. Remove and serve after cooling!


Grilled Asparagus

Asparagus is high in B vitamins and contains a great dose of anti-inflammatories and antioxidants. This exciting take on a simple restaurant dish will have you curious to try this delicious asparagus recipe! Take about 20 asparagus spears, 12 halved cherry tomatoes, and two sliced onions and place them on foil in a grill after sprinkling them with fresh garlic, seas salt, black ground pepper, a light sprinkle of cumin and paprika, and a drizzle of lemon juice. Alternatively, you can also use a steak rub seasoning mix to achieve a desirable flavour. Once they are properly browned, you can serve them.

FREE 10-Day Optimised Health & Wellness Challenge

Discover the 5 steps of The Optimised Health Formula and how you can apply them to your life.

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