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As the weather is improving and we want to enjoy a warmer climate with lighter clothes, and a lighter body, it makes sense to do a cleanse. It actually makes sense to do a cleanse at least once a quarter, to detoxify your body from all the bad stuff it accumulated.


Detox is fundamental to health

We are exposed to toxins all the time and, when they get to a certain level, this is when we get sick. Indeed, one of the most common causes of disease is toxin exposure and toxin accumulation. We must remember that there is always a reason why the body is out of balance. For example, PMS and other symptoms are signs that the body does not get all the nutrients it needs.


1. Do you know how toxic your body is ?

There are 3 signs that show you that you are toxic:
  1. If you can’t lose weight despite all your efforts
  2. If you experience migraines and/or headaches
  3. If you have a level of energy which is not constant



2. What you should beware of

  1. Stress: stress is good in a small amount but in a huge amount, stress can be as bad for your heart as smoking. Stress also affects memory, judgment making and concentration. So make sure your stress management techniques are up to date!
  2. Overmedication: Dr. Sara Gottfried advices that medications mask the symptoms and does not solve the problem you have.
  3. Caffeine: when under stress, tired or sick, people tend to turn to coffee to get their energy. Be careful how much coffee you drink as caffeine raises epinephryn, creates sugar cravings, leads to high cortisol hence lowers stress resilience and suppress immunity. Caffeine also lowers the levels of DHEA in your body and worsens your sleep.


3. 3 tips to detox

  1. Supplement with fiber: both soluble and insoluble fibers are important. It is recommended that women get 40-45 gm of fiber daily. Fiber helps the body to rid of excess estrogen. The ideal ratio of progesterone vs. estrodial molecules is 300 vs. 1.
  2. Take probiotics: considering all the toxins we are surrounded by, and which we absorb even unwillingly, it is important to make sure to have enough good bacterias in our gut as they help lower toxins.
  3. Detox frequently: because of our environment, it is important for us to detox periodically, and rid our body or toxins and excess estrogen. As we take a car to the garage to get it checked, and cleaned, we need to do the same with our bodies.
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