Let’s get real—who looks forward to “that time of the month”? The bloating, the pain, the fatigue—menstruation can be a huge hassle. BUT, what if you knew that, instead of a hassle, this phase (within your cycle) was an amazing opportunity for reflection, rest and renewal—hey, who doesn’t enjoy a little R&R?

Way, way, back when, in ancient cultures, menstruation was a time for a woman to take a step back from society, and reawaken to her innate wisdom and power. Today, our society doesn’t stop for menstruation (or for much of anything else). But, you can choose, in your life, to make space for stillness and rejuvenation.

And the way to restore is through self-care—which includes what you feed your body. During the first five to seven days of your cycle (menses), nutrients are needed to regenerate the endometrium, start the regrowth of follicles, and balance hormones. SO, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate (and avoid over-consumption of alcohol as it can lead to dehydration). So instead of curling up with a glass of wine, get cozy with some comforting soup or slow-simmered stew—the optimal type of food for this phase.

And slow and steady is also the theme for exercise (during your reflective phase)—avoid strenuous or aerobic exercise. Yoga or qigong, an ancient system of movement, are the best forms of movement; and meditation will open up space for deep and purposeful reflection.

Your “time of the month” is a gift—maybe even an excuseJ–to go deep, to reach into the core of who you are, to let go, to reframe. Allow yourself time to renew; get quiet—listen to your wisdom.

If you have started to do this work of reconnecting to your female cycles, how has this work helped you?

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be introducing the other 3 phases. But if you’re in a hurry to learn more about those, download your free report here.

To YOUR Radical Wellness!


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