I was contacted a few weeks ago by a colleague at Zurich Insurance who had heard about me and my work as a coach, and asked me if I’d be willing to do a presentation during one of his department’s lunch and learn.


A commitment to myself + feeling the fear… and doing it anyway


One of my goals for the year 2015 has been to work on my fear of public speaking and seize opportunities as they come. I tend to be shy so public speaking has never been anything I’d actively pursue… until this year!

I know that if I want to pursue on this path and grow my passion and business into something more, I have to take more time and space to share publicly what I know. I have to “feel the fear, and do it anyway”. So I did.

This was for 2015 my 5th public presentation. The one I did before that was in April. So I was definitely feeling some fear. The audience was also much larger as I tend to coach small groups of women.

I was given 2 dates to choose from, one in July and one in November.

I thought about it for a few days.

July felt too soon, and November too late. Yet I had to take a decision. What made sense?


Growing through uncomfortableness


If I wanted to make it a challenge worth pursuing, I had to do it when it felt most uncomfortable doing.


Because, when we feel too comfortable doing what we do, we do not grow.

Growth comes from uncomfortable options because they stretch us, and show us what we are able to accomplish! Which further push us to do what stretches us more, and more, and more.

So I chose the uncomfortable option. I consciously decided to do the presentation on July 14th.

At that point, I had 3 weeks to get ready.

I did not know which topic to present, which sections to have in, etc. just that I wanted to help my colleagues grow.



Planning through action + brainstorming


So I had to go through a long brainstorming process (which included some work with my amazing coach Lisa Steadman), a couple of rehearsals and feedback sessions, and I finally got my presentation ready.

The title of my presentation: “Aligned at work: how to manage your stress, fuel your body, and power up your potential”.

I don’t about you, but I have always been wondering why so many people are just waiting until they are retired to enjoy their lives fully? It has never made sense to me, and since I started working I have been looking at how to change that. This is partly the reason why I opened my coaching practice, and a huge incentive for me to share what I have learnt with others.

  • How many of you feel that they are just going through the same motions every day?
  • How many of you feel that you are reacting to things (like emails coming into your inbox) rather than being in control?
  • How many of you would like to change that?

These are a few of the questions I asked in the beginning, because they contextualize the topic and help bring us into a stage of contemplation and reflection.

All of us have heard about work life balance, but really, very often it’s just words!


Know your goal


All in all, it took me over 20 hours of work to carefully select what was going into the presentation and finalize it!

Every step of the way I felt connected to my goal, my topic and extremely happy to prepare this; my gift for the participants. I know how the very carefully selected tips and tools helped my clients expand their personal and professional lives into directions they never thought they could, and I wanted my colleagues to be able to do the same if they wanted.

As a women’s health expert who also use business tools, I work both with business professional women working in huge corporations, as well as women entrepreneurs. It is a magical process, one of change and transformation, which makes this journey a magnificent one!

What did I learn in the process?

  • That the content is as important as the presentation, and that what is most important is the goal your pursue.
  • That as the content of the presentation was my gift to my attendees, the sharing of this information was my gift to myself.
  • That being connected to my goals helped me reduce the stress and anxiety that public speaking could have brought.


So, if you contemplate public speaking and start feeling the fear, acknowledge it, and decide what is most important for you: feeling comfortable, or sharing this passion you have to people who need the information. How will that make you feel when you know that you sharing this information is somehow a shared responsibility?


Do you need more support?

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