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I am so very thankful.


For you.


For my family.


For my friends.


For my cats.


For my jobs.


For my life.


For the weekend! ūüėČ


The list is long!


Every single day I give thanks from the smallest things in my life, to the biggest ones.


Whether I enjoyed the day or not, looking at what I have — instead of what I don’t — helps me to feel and be happy no matter what.

Tweet: Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it’s happened. Dr. Seuss. @AudreySArnold


How do I do that?


Every day, I write down:

* In the morning: 3 things I am grateful for. Whether it is something that is currently happening, being home, or something I am looking forward to during the day.

* In the evening: 3 things I am grateful for that happened during the day.

Giving thanks changed my life.

When I was/am in pain, I no longer think about it. I think about the times when I am not, and remember that everything passes.

So today, I want to share my gratitude with you, and perhaps contribute to help you feel thankful, by offering you this new service I have created, due to public demand for more than 20% off!

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