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Whenever you are going through a period in your life when there are lots of changes, it can be helfpul for you to practice journaling.

A journal helps you see what is happening in your life, and forces you to put into words ideas, feelings and conversations that are going on within you. Journaling helps you keep your truth coming out of yourself, and with time it becomes easier.


Questions I like to ask myself when journaling:

  • What is good in my life?What am I grateful for today?
  • Who am I grateful to have in my life?

— That allows you to know who you should thank for their help and their presence (and spend more time with them)

  • What were my goals for the day?

— If you want to enjoy the time you have, and not find that it is passing by too quickly, I find it important to set up some daily goals. They don’t have to be big, but just bring you to a state where you feel that your life is going somewhere.

  • What glitches did I encounter in the past 24 hours?

— The idea here is not to dwell on your past, but rather see how to prevent those glitches from happening again. For example: stressful life, add sport or meditation in your life.


When I finish the exercise, I love to close my eyes and let myself feel the emotions that come with journaling. I noticed that after spending a few days journaling, I no longer focus on what is going wrong in my life, but rather on what is going right and that makes me FEEL SO GOOD!


Positive energy brings you more positive energy, and pushes away the negative one. Try it and see for yourself!


If you practice journaling, what are other questions you use?