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No-one has ever become poor by giving.” – Anne Frank


The holiday season is filled with so many sparkling lights and plenty of glitz and glamour that we can get so caught up in it and convince ourselves that we should be filling our shopping baskets with fancy gifts.

It’s not that our loved ones and we do not deserve them. But is it what they really truly want?

When you pay attention to the needs and desires of those closest to you, you will realize that the gifts they would love to receive are not necessarily the ones that come with the biggest price tags.

When you have the presence of mind during the moments that your loved ones share their innermost thoughts, life goals, and even everyday quirks, you will recognize that you have been practicing mindfulness. When you are mindful, you will have everything you need to gift those dearest to you with the most perfectly thoughtful present.

To master the art of mindful gift-giving, here are a few tips to help you:


1. Always be in a state of mind for giving

Don’t waste your time and energy plowing your way through crowds hoping that you will be magically drawn to the perfect gift. Save yourself the trouble and plan ahead. Gifts don’t need to be bought during the Christmas season. You have 11 months to think about what you want to give to all the people that have left a lasting impact on you. Don’t hesitate to pick up a gift you feel suits them even if there isn’t an occasion. You can always tuck it away and gift it to them at a more appropriate time.


2. Don’t neglect yourself

Because Christmas is certainly the season for giving, you should be mindful not to neglect yourself. Don’t let your body suffer just because you forgot to eat lunch or ran around frantically in your search for gifts for others. You can’t enjoy the good moments in life when you’re exhausted. The best gift you can give yourself and loved ones is the gift of health. Treat yourself to simple pleasures like a warm bath, quiet meditation time, or a yoga session.


3. Give the present of presence

Some of the best gifts are not found in stores, on shelves or even online. Sometimes, it just takes a little of your time and a little of you to make someone truly happy. Material things can be forgotten, will fade, or go out of style as the seasons come and go, but authentic moments shared with others will never lose its radiance.


4. Get personal and give from the heart

Gifts don’t need to be big and fancy. With a little art and crafts, you can create heartfelt gifts that are more cherished by those who matter because they feel the effort you’ve put in. Bake cookies, hand-write letters, craft cards or make memory jars. These personalized gifts really show your heart and soul.


5. Create mindful traditions

This season, create a holiday tradition that brings you closer to others. Show gratitude for the people around you. Strengthen bonds. Let them know how valuable they are in your life. Embrace the spirit of the season and take time to put some thought and care into each and every gift you give.