For the first few years of Lotus Power Health, I was both working on building my own business and working for a company as an employee. Personally, I always enjoyed the freedom and the connection that mobile tech was giving me. Whether that was checking emails on the go on my phone, or preparing blog posts and other content on my laptop, before using the hotspot connection on my phone to load everything up on my website. Does what I just said gives away that I LOVE tech? 😉

Yet, at the same time, I have mixed feelings about mobile tech. It can be both a blessing and a curse.

Perhaps you experience this as well.

Are you able to go home and leave work behind? Or do you feel like the freedom that mobile tech gives you also brings about an increasing amount of responsibilities, and obligations. Like staying connected and checking your emails first thing in the morning, and again at night. So that you’re never really disconnecting from your work.

Many of my clients working as employees told me they too are experiencing mobile tech as an obligation. More and more people are experiencing a fuzzy line between work and home that’s causing a number of different issues.

That’s happening because more and more of us, especially younger workers, are checking in with work off hours. They’re responding to emails—sometimes in minutes, most of the time by the end of the day. That urgency affects men more than women and those that are under age 34 more than other workers. A good percentage of workers also are checking in with work on vacations and even on sick time. That mobile tech is disruptive and intrusive and employees are having a harder time establishing boundaries between work and life. To help recognise this and combat it, this graphic points out some interesting trends to pay attention to.

Do you need more support?

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I know investing in your health may feel like a luxury. But Radical Wellness is actually the ultimate necessity. Without your body, you can’t enjoy the amazing life you have. So what are you waiting for?



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