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Having the right people on your health team is important, as they need to care as much as you do about getting you the results you want. I know, because that’s what started me on my journey, to provide a service that I thought was missing, and to care for my clients’ health and goals, in the same way that I care for my own.

So when I was asked, who can I recommend, I decided to put a list together of the practitioners (Zürich and surroundings) I have myself used, that I can personally recommend.

So, here is my list of recommended practitioners:



Rainbow Offers, Sins (Canton Argau)

This company is based in Sins (canton Argau) and owned by Marisa Müller-Dellapina. Marisa offers wonderful and expert massages, which I can only recommend. I have suffered from back problems and stuck energy for years, and Marisa’s massages have helped me feel great and more in contact with my body. You can contact her on marisa (at) and her website is



TCM Anita Lienhard, Mettmenstetten & Zürich (Canton Zürich)

Anita Lienhard is a fantastic acupuncturist and she has helped me a lot with my endometriosis pain. Acupuncture, together with lifestyle and nutritional changes, has worked great for me. If you’d like to try to, I would definitely recommend you see Anita. She practices in Mettmenstetten, where I live, but also is one day a week in Zürich. Check her website out, and book online your first appointment. Her website is



Gill Webster, online Pilates instructor

Gill is a fabulous Pilates instructor, who is able to recommend the exercises that will have the most impact for you. I was initially curious as to how an online lesson would differ from a classroom one, and I have to say that I was impressed. Despite the fact that we weren’t in the same room, Gill was able to guide me to perform the exercises she recommended from the other side of the screen, in such a way that I am now able to perform them on my own.

You can find her at