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What is Sugar Doing to You?

Sugar is a main ingredient in more foods than you might think, and it’s probably making you feel sick! If you’ve been feeling fatigued, bloated, dehydrated, or have been experiencing skin irritations, flare-ups, or breakouts, sugar overload could be to blame!

As a society, it’s clear that we’ve been eating too much sugar, so chances are you are too.

Were you aware that the average American consumes about 126.4 grams of sugar a day! That breaks down to roughly 22 teaspoons a day for each person in America. America is followed by Germany (102.9 grams), the Netherlands (102.5 grams), Ireland (96.7 grams), United Kingdom (93.2 grams), Switzerland (76.1 grams), France (68.5 grams).

So, while where we live seems to make a difference in how much sugar we’re eating, it’s still a topic that we need to address.

Where people eat the most sugar and fat

Yet the maximum recommended intake is just 36 grams for men and 25 grams for women. To give you a bit more perspective, half a can of Cola has 20 grams of sugar in it!

Whether you’re just learning about the harmful effects of excess sugar or you’ve already tried quitting sugar in the past, this sugar detox challenge is designed to help you kick the habit to change your life for good!

Over a 14 day period, I will guide you to detox from sugar so that you may look better and live healthier lives.

High sugar intake has been directly related to obesity, type 2 diabetes, dementia, depression, ADHD, acne, heart disease, PMS, infertility, endometriosis, PCOS, impotence, and a lot more.

The sad truth is that sugar addiction is not an emotional disorder — sugar cravings are a biological disorder, fuelled by the body’s hormones and neurotransmitters. This often leads to uncontrolled eating, which in turn gives cause to the reason why many are considered overweight or malnourished.



How Bad Can Sugar Be?

How bad can sugar be

Aside from the toll sugar takes on your health, here are some other ways sugar affects you negatively:


Sugar affects motivation by reducing dopamine, the motivation neurochemical in your brain.

Brain Fog

Sugar causes brain fog by spiking the hormone insulin, which gives you the rush after you eat sugar. The spike, then, leads to a crash as your insulin plummets.


Consuming sugar only provides temporary satisfaction, which can lead to overeating as we try to satiate by eating more.

Teeth Health

High sugar consumption causes tooth decay.

Now that you have read some of the scary truths about sugar consumption, the best way to see for yourself the effect sugar is having on your body and mind is to try cutting it out for at least 10 days.



How To Start Your Sugar Detox

How to start your sugar detox

Before you start a detox, it is a good idea to have a plan in place, because the cravings will be shockingly strong for the first few days. Here are some steps to follow to help get you ready:

Get in the Right Mindset

Prepare yourself by making the decision to clear your body of sugar. This is important because you won’t have success if you don’t set your mind to it.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Focus on eating healthy carbs, proteins, and fats. Eating healthily will help you feel better as your body starts its detox.

Build New Routines

It is hard to stop any addictive behavior cold turkey, so to soften the withdraw it is best to approach for your detox by gearing up with small changes to your routine, such as cutting cream and sugar from your morning coffee or cutting down on any beverages with sugar throughout the day.

Throw Out the Sugar

Get rid of all the candies and sweets you have in your pantry. And be sure to read those ingredient lists!



Your Body Will Thank You!

Cutting sugar from your diet will do your body good, but getting there won’t be easy!

From a young age, we’re taught to associate sweet, sugary foods with celebrations, comfort, and love. Think birthday cakes, holiday cookies, and celebratory ice cream. As we transition into adulthood, those habits come with us, and we turn to them to boost energy, temporarily boost serotonin, and recreate those “sugar highs” that help get us through the day.

Sugar as a substance gives our body an easy energy surge, but it’s temporary and not nutritious, which leaves our body feeling deprived of other nutrient-dense foods that actually keep us fueled for the long run. Once you cut back on the sugar you’ve been consuming and teach it to run on the nutrients that actually feed, heal, and fuel it, your whole life is sure to change.

Take the first step today!


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My mission: Helping you optimize your health from the inside out!

My belief is that the understanding of our epigenetics (a.k.a. DNA) and the treating of the root causes of the health problems, and not just symptoms, are the key to being happy, healthy and healed. Sometimes, by just changing a few things in our life, we can make a tremendous difference to our health! I am dedicated to helping women around the world with their health, because I know there is a better way and I believe that every woman deserves to discover it!

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