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Vitamins for the body and the soul

The How of Happiness

Today I am going to share a few pointers with you on Vitamin H (Happiness). Sonja Lyubomirsky mentions in her book, “The How of Happiness”, that in order to increase your happiness, you should: Express Gratitude Cultivate Optimism Avoid Overthinking and... read more

Vitamin P(leasure) tip of the day: run your hands under warm water

Today, I want to talk about Vitamin P (Pleasure). Pleasure is an inexpensive way to feel better and control your stress levels. Did you know that by simply running your hands under warm water, you can reduce your stress level by engaging the parasympathetic system? It... read more

Vitamin R(elax) tip of the day: 6 actions you can take to improve your life

Today I want to speak about Vitamin R (Relax!).   We all know that a bit of stress in our lives is necessary, but when it becomes too much, that is when we need to do something. Here are 6 tips to help you reduce your stress levels:   1. Move & sweat Do... read more

Vitamin B(eauty) tip of the day: take care of your digestion

Today I am going to speak about Vitamin B (Beauty) and the importance of digestion for you skin. When your digestion is impaired, your body will try to find another solution for all toxins to be released. Since your skin is the largest evacuation system of the body,... read more

About Audrey

Audrey S Arnold

Entrepreneur, wife, mom to twin boys and two cats, and married to my soul-mate. My mission is to help you optimize your health & wellness so that you can thrive and lead a life that is more fulfilling and impactful. Tools of choice: Epigenetics. Hormones. Bio-individuality. Intolerances. Toxicity. Nutritional deficiencies. Gut health. And much more!

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