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The Optimised Health Formula For Balanced Hormones

Let me help you optimise your health from the inside out and avoid the mistakes I made when starting out on my journey to balance my hormones. Save time, get results faster, with this proven 5-step system.

What if you could naturally optimise your health and balance your hormones?

What if you could say goodbye to the most frustrating symptoms of hormonal imbalances that you’ve been experiencing for years?

Even if you don’t know about them … yet. 😉



Feeling better than you’ve felt in years.

Saying au revoir to your belly bloat and saying bonjour to a flatter tummy.

Feeling calm, confident, and at peace with yourself, feeling a deep inner knowing that everything will be ok.

Boosting your natural energy supply without a coffee or sugar IV.

Having the power to let your stress melt away and gain control over your inner dictator.

Having a restful night of sleep and waiving goodbye to insomnia.

Slipping back into your tight dress or skinny jeans and rocking your confidence.

No longer having to pretend everything’s fine. Feeling held by the Universal principle of like attracts like.

Shedding that exhausted-by-3PM feeling and hitting the RESET button on your health.

Letting go of inner emotional turmoil that’s no longer serving you. Feeling liberated from your own patterns.

Ditching the toxins that cause excess weight and dropping a few kilos without dieting.

Finally feeling that you’re waived PMS and hormones-associated anxiety goodbye forever, with your mood swings and food cravings gone.

Feeling your pelvic pain finally lower, to the point where you’ve now found what’s working for you to keep it low, and reduce it further.


I want to start by introducing you to the science that in my opinion starts it all, which is epigenetics.


Have you already heard that your genes affect how healthy you can be?


Do you think that your genetic destiny is fixed?


I so, I want to let you in on a SECRET:


Your Genes Are Not Your Destiny!


Your genes don’t lay down the law, they negotiate with you every single day with every single action that you take.


The process of epigenetics tells us that you can turn your genes on and off. You can transform your genetic destiny through a combination of diet, supplements, sleep, stress relief, and reduced exposure to environmental toxins. Environmental toxins are the toxins in our food, water, air, and products. With the right tools, we can change our inherited tendencies to disease to create new and healthy lives.


Ever since I discover about epigenetics, I’ve felt compelling to combine the progress of science and our own body wisdom. Epigenetics, bio-individuality, food intolerances, and another one of my most beloved topics: hormones.


Since our genetic destiny isn’t fixed, and it can be edited, rewritten, changed, I am obsessed with finding the best tools to help my loved ones, my clients and you thrive, so that you can lead a life that is more impactful.


So it has become my mission to develop protocols that allow us to identify faster what works for you, and to share these tools either freely during masterclasses, social media posts, eBooks, articles on the website, or through my paid online courses and 1-on-1 programs. In the 1-on-1 programs, I am including thanks to collaborations with partners genetic testing, hormones testing, neurotransmitters testing, food and non-food intolerances testing, metals toxicity testing and nutritional deficiency testing.


I understand body language and I want you to understand it too. Epigenetics is a cutting-edge aspect of holistic health and I love to help you understand and translate what your body says to you, so that you know how to interpret the signs and thrive without delay.


That’s where The Optimised Health Formula comes in.

Step 1: Assess And Clarify Your Vision

1. Assess

Health Starts With Understanding What Your Body Is Telling You. Get To Know The Symptoms You Don’t Have To Accept

Symptoms are a way your body communicates with you to tell you something’s wrong. When you know what they are, you can create more easily an action plan to tell your symptoms goodbye, and thrive in your daily life.

2. Clarify Your Vision

Your Vision Is Your Destination!

The clearer you are about what you want to achieve, and the reason behind it, the more likely you are to get there. For example, a client of mine wanted to get out of pain from endometriosis. By clarifying her vision, we got her to see that the reason why she wanted to get out of pain, was because she wanted to have more energy to go out with her friends, date potential mates and find the right one. We also identified that she wanted to create her own business. The idea is that when your vision is clear and powerful, you don’t need motivation, because you know why you’re doing the work that you’re doing.

Your Health Matters!

Not sure where to start! Book a complimentary 30-min discovery call (value: 150 USD)!

Discussions can be done in English, French or Italian.

Step 2: Shift Your Mindset

A growth mindset is what you need to have the right attitude from life, learn from it, adapt and progress to get the results you want.

Step 3: Learn The Tools

I love coaching but I find it’s limited because, when you don’t know the tools you need, you just don’t know. That’s why I consider myself more of a mentor and consultant, because I share with my clients the many tools I have learnt, studied, tried on myself, invented for my clients, etc. These tools are the basis for change. When you have tools, you can strategise and create.

Great health starts with a great plan! Here are some of my favourite books.

Great health starts with a great plan!

These books are some of my favourite authors. I hope you will find them helpful and empowering as well.

By Dr. Libby Weaver
   – What am I supposed to eat – Book Depository – Amazon
   – The Beauty Guide – Book Depository – Amazon
   – Exhausted To Energised – Book Depository – Amazon
   – Rushing Woman’s Syndrome – Book Depository – Amazon
   – Women’s Wellness Wisdom – Book Depository – Amazon
By Dr. Daniel Amen
   – Change Your Brain, Change Your Life – Book Depository – Amazon
   – Unleash The Power Of The Female Brain – Book Depository – Amazon
   – Use Your Brain To Change Your Age – Book Depository – Amazon
By Kimberly Snyder
   – The Beauty Detox Solution – Book Depository – Amazon
   – The Beauty Detox Foods – Book Depository – Amazon
   – The Beauty Detox Power – Book Depository – Amazon
   – Radical Beauty – Book Depository – Amazon
By Miranda Gray
   – The Optimized Woman, Miranda Gray – Book Depository – Amazon
By Dr. Michael Murray
   – The Encyclopaedia of Healing Foods, Dr. Michael Murray – Book Depository – Amazon
   – Dr. Murray’s Total Body Tune-Up – Book Depository – Amazon
By Dr. Christiane Northrup
   – Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom – Book Depository – Amazon
By Dr. Sara Gottfried
   – The Hormone Cure – Book Depository – Amazon
   – Younger – Book Depository – Amazon
   – The Hormone Reset Diet – Book Depository – Amazon
   – Brain Body Diet – Book Depository – Amazon
By Claudia Welch
   – Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life – Book Depository – Amazon
By Dr. Jolene Brighten
   – Beyond The Pill – Book Depository – Amazon

Spring Cleanse

Summer Cleanse

Fall Cleanse

Winter Cleanse

Step 4: Apply New Habits And Take Action

Creating habits is easy. You can focus on very small changes at a time that brings great results over the long run. And without action, there’s no progress. So you need both habits and action.

And because there is no progress without assessment, you also need to…

Step 5: Assess Your Results And Course Correct

See what’s working and what’s not, learn from it – growth mindset, right?! – learn new tools, apply new habits and take action again. It’s all a circle that works and helps you progress in the right direction.

In fact, when using The Optimised Woman Formula, many of my clients report improvements that you could experience too. From faster weight loss (particularly around the belly; you know, the dreaded muffin top!) to better sleep and greater energy. But also saying goodbye to mood swings, intense cravings and body aches and pains. Most specifically, reducing the most uncomfortable challenges of menstruation like cramping, bloating, heavy or irregular periods and anxiety; reducing pain from endometriosis, PCOS, fibroids; and optimising chances of conceiving naturally. All these things that at one point or another in our life might be preventing us from enjoying our life with our family, our friends, or even our professional life.

The human body is amazing, and I really want you to discover how much!

If you’re looking for support on your journey to optimise your health and want to save both time and money by investing with someone who’s done it, been there, and has a proven system to share with you, I have a few programs you might be interested in.

Your Health Matters!

Not sure where to start! Book a complimentary 30-min discovery call (value: 150 USD)!

Discussions can be done in English, French or Italian.

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