If you’ve followed me for some time, you know already that being an entrepreneur is not my first career.

I spend most of my week coaching amazing business women to help them STOP struggling with energy dips, hormonal issues, mindset gremlins, and emotional triggers and START awakening their wealth, wisdom, and wellness.

But I also spend part of my week working in a big Swiss Insurance Company.

When I’m there, I can see how stress affects my colleagues.

Emotional roller-coasters.


Weight gain.

Insomnia (YES! Stress affects your sleep quality too!)


And these are just a few ways in which stress can affect your life and your health.

In the great infographics below published on Quill.com, you’ll discover how to leave workplace stress at the office, and how to shut down at the end of the day, by:

  • Quantifying stress in the workplace
  • Learning about work stress and your health
  • Learning 10 ways to reduce workplace stress

Enjoy!! 🙂


Do you need more support?

Part of my Radical Wellness mission is to help you interpret what your body’s telling you. When you tune in and listen, you fast track your ability to create, enjoy, and maintain Radical Wellness! If you’d like help on your journey, I’d love to support you. When you register today for a Radical Wellness Wakeup Call session, a 60 minutes deep dive with me, you will get an individualized action plan that will help you reach your goals! Click here for details.

I know investing in your health may feel like a luxury. But Radical Wellness is actually the ultimate necessity. Without your body, you can’t enjoy the amazing life you have. So what are you waiting for?

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