Yes, we are nearing the end (of your cycle)—though you may be just beginning! You’ve learned about the importance of reflection and down-time (Reflective Phase), being versatile with your energy (i.e. the Dynamic Phase) and connection (your Empathic Phase). And, soon, your cycle will begin again. BUT, before this happens, it’s time for the grand finale—the Creative Phase. This phase is all about preparing both your outer and interior worlds for the deep reflection and nesting that takes place during your Reflective Phase.

Creating a space for contemplation (i.e. reflection) requires intentionality and awareness. During your creative phase, tune into the routines that create opportunities for comfort and self-care. Take that bubble bath you’ve been craving, spend an evening, in, reading or watching a favorite book/movie—take time for you. Also, during this time, begin to dial down physical activity. Give yourself permission to switch up one of your high-energy spin classes for gentle flow yoga instead—allow yourself to un-wind.

And, while you un-wind, nourish yourself with light warming foods. Replace a summer salad with a medley of deliciously seasoned rice and steamed veggies— foods should be warming + easy to digest. Additionally, drink plenty of water (if possible, at room temperature—a lemon slice or fresh mint leaf work wonders by adding a natural zing to your temperate H2O). And, if you are a juicer, prepare fresh juices from fruits and vegetables kept at room temp.

While warming foods and liquids support your outer world—i.e. your physical health—out-of-the-box thinking supports (and lays the ground work for) deep introspection. Therefore, your Creative Phase is an optimal time to engage in the creative process—journal, paint, dance—use your imagination (and the creative process) to help you clear out any thoughts or blocks that have been preventing you from moving forward. The Creative Phase is a time to un-wind and get quiet so that you can begin again—mentally, emotionally, and physically.

That’s it! You’ve made it—you are now an expert on your own cycle (yeah!). Did you like learning about each of these phases? If the answer is yes (and I hope it is! ;), then I invite you to take this challenge:

  1. Observe and track how you feel through each phase.
  2. Identify which foods and physical activities work better for you in which phase.
  3. Share/discuss this information with your friends, so that they become more aware of their cyclic nature.
  4. Share your findings on social media with hashtag: #WellnessWisdomForWomen
  5. Join our special Facebook group to keep the conversation going!

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be introducing the other 3 phases. But if you’re in a hurry to learn more about those, download your free report here.

To YOUR Radical Wellness!


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